About JSON Schema

JSON Schema is a community effort, with many projects supporting the specification work done through the IETF. For general information on JSON Schema and projects that use it, visit json-schema.org.

The discussion group for JSON Schema is hosted as a Google group.


Comments and questions are welcome by email to usingjsonschema at yahoo dot com.

About the Author

Joe McIntyre is a software architect and computing enthusiast, with over 25 years of experience designing and building software products for the computing, telecommunications and utility industries.

As Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM and architecture leader for the Communications Sector industry frameworks architecture team, he led the definition of the Cloud Service Provider architecture for the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture. As chief architect for the WebSphere family of products for the telecommunications industry, he delivered the first commercial Service Delivery Platform, integrating Web Services and the core network. Previous projects include virtual desktop infrastructure, Java tools and management, distributed database management, and distributed object technologies.

Joe was a leading contributor, and leader in many of the standards activities for integration of the Web and telecommunications networks published through Web Services for ETSI, 3GPP, and OMA.

His interest in JSON Schema stems from a history of work projects that included data definition, code generation, and configuration management. As JSON emerged as a commonly used data representation, and its use in messaging and data storage increased, the value of applying data definition and validation to JSON work activities drove initial interest. Having found JSON Schema to have high practical value, this work emerged.

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