The Using JSON Schema project is a set of repositories containing programs described in the book, and the example JSON and JSON Schema content.


Repository: ujs-book-materials

Project containing the source code for the examples and programs used in the book

Javascript/Node.js and Python projects

jsonsyntax - JSON Syntax Check library / utility


The introductory project is a simple command line that checks the syntax of a JSON file. It exits with a return code of zero (successful) or one (failure), making it useful for use in scripts. It can also be used as a library.

jsonvalidate - JSON Validation library / utility


jsonvalidate provides a library, with command line / script support, that enables JSON validation to be performed with JSON Schema definitions. It supports,

  • Loading the JSON content and schema, along with referenced schemas, from the local file system. Convenient for development and testing.
  • Support for local and remote schema content access.
  • Loading JSON reference content from custom storage resources, using resource specific URI identification. Different approaches are used for the Javascript/Node.js and Python implementations.

safefile - Automated Recovery File library


Using JSON files for programs with higher robustness requirements is assisted by a library for file read/write that supports automated recovery processing. The safefile library writes content in a recoverable manner, which can be inspected and recovered through automation for most failure conditions.


Repository: Javascript ujs-format-nodejs

A simple utility for creating formatted message strings using replacement parameters. Only a Javascript version is provided, the Python standard library provides an equivalent function.

Web project


The web application, a single page application for validating JSON against JSON Schema, including using referenced schemas.

The JSON Schema examples in the book chapters 3 and 4 are also able to be loaded through the Import function for easy use of the examples for experimenting.