Putting JSON Schema to use in a variety of programs, showing its usefulness in different contexts, is the objective of the book. Examples are shown using Javascript and Python programming languages, showing how different languages and runtimes interact with JSON, and implementations of JSON Schema validation libraries.


  1. Introduction
  2. JSON
  3. JSON Schema
  4. Conditional Content
  5. Configuration Files
  6. Simple Data Management
  7. Designing Software for JSON Message Exchange
  8. Command Line Validation Tool
  9. Designing Software to Use JSON Files

The first three chapters provide the base knowledge of JSON, JSON Schema and the environments in which they are used throughout the book.

Chapters 4 through 9 provide usage examples, with implementations in both Javascript and Python for each of the example programs.

Appendices in the book provide guidance on installing the runtime environments and book materials for readers without existing Python or Javascript (Node.js) installations. Linux, Mac OS X and Windows configurations are covered).