The Using JSON Schema book provides an understanding of JSON and JSON Schema syntax through examples. The home website for JSON Schema - - has additional examples and links to learning resources and projects/products using JSON Schema.

Validators are software libraries that take JSON content and JSON Schema definitions as input, and then determine whether the JSON content conforms to the schema. These are available for a wide variety of platforms and programming languages. Programs using JSON Schema will include a validation library. For your choice of language / platform, find a validation library that suits your needs. A web search will provide alternatives to consider.

The specification of JSON Schema is progressing within the processes of the IETF. The current draft (draft 4) has many implementations, and work on the next draft is ongoing. Using draft 4 for present work is reasonable, and it looks likely that the next draft will build on the prior work, providing value to present use.

To keep up with happenings, a Google Group for JSON Schema has participation from a variety of people that have contributed to the specification, implemented validation libraries, or are using JSON Schema in their projects.

With the tools available, experimenting with the technology is easy and creating useful programs is very quick. Editors and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tooling often have support for JSON syntax checking, and lint tooling for style conformance. Since there is usually a good correlation between programming language constructs and JSON representations, the language lint tooling is usually complementary.

So, that’s a bit on the initial foray … there are lots of avenues that can be followed, and we will explore some in the coming articles.